October, 1999 October, 1999 As a firefly squid and Japanese glass shrimp processing special factory, Sirahofoods co., ltd. was established.
January, 2000 Firefly squid automatic boiling caldron and Japanese glass shrimp automatic shelling machine are introduced.
February, 2006 The out pack sales of firefly squid started.
March, 2007 Two Chinese trainees are accepted.
December, 2007 Encouragement prize of Toyama young company was awarded in 2007
July, 2008 Received authorization of “ Regional Industrial and Resource Utilization Business Plan ”(The Hokuriku agricultural administration office, Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry).
October, 2008 For the purpose of powder practical use of Japanese glass shrimp husks, powdered-food operation division was established.
December, 2008 Transfer the powdered-food operation division in Toyama high-tech mini industrial complex.