There are three indices in the manufacturing of sirahofoods.
The 1st, introduce Toyama to all over the country.
The 2nd, provide unstintingly our technology and know-how services for customers.
The 3rd, have consumers feel easy deliciously to eat.
And, to attain these firmly, we are continuing to pursuit endlessly.

The material supply which cooperated also with the local fisherman or the farmhouse, Construction of manufacturing system sticking to the quality thoroughly.
No processes have all compromise.
We aim at the manufacturing of the “genuineness” which 10,000 or so persons and companies seek, with the wisdom and skills which we have so far cultivated.

And, the most important thing to us is the “playful mind” which enjoys manufacturing.

We are enjoying manufacturing purely, such as utilizing the material which was not used until now or trying a novel idea and approaching positively.

We believe that there is true “genuine product” just in the point.

Be particular about playful mind thoroughly