About products

How many lots can be ordered?

The number of order lots of the main products is as follows.
However, since it may not restrict to this, please ask for details.
Powder: 1kg x 10-/case ~
Powder (consignment business of pulverization): 10kg~
Noodles: 400kg~
Confectionery: 60kg~
Fish flour: 100kg~
Freeze-dry: 10,000 pieces~
Swallowing auxiliary food: 500gx20~

Should I order perishable food to the head office?

Yes, please inquiry and order about perishable food to the head office (TEL.076-479-9311)
Please contact to the powdered-food division (TEL.076-435-6556) except it.



Would you correspond to the food that I want to use?

Please feel free to contact us about anything, such as the nonstandard foods which is not in sell, husks, unutilized foods including the skin, etc.
On the character of foods, even if it is hard to process, using the know-how which we have so far cultivated, we will help you to make the best product.

Would you meet the request about the budget or the delivery?

Please feel free to let us know about your request, such as selling price, the time to put on a market, places to sell etc.
In accordance with the product itself, we will give you a total proposal.

Would you make the label and package?

If you request an original label package, we can correspond to it at a charge separately. In addition, when there is no request in particular, we will correspond to it with the label package which we are usually using.

What kind of food can or canユt be processed to powder?

Japanese glass shrimp, small shrimp, gas shrimp, firefly squid, carrot, Japanese pumpkin, broccoli, shiitake mushroom, soybean, soybean flour, etc. are easy to be processed to powder.The legumes of dark red colors, such as azuki bean, the food which has many lipids such as sesame, the food which has many non-fibrous carbohydrates such as fruit and etc. are difficult to be processed to powder.
However, since this kind of foods may also be able to be processed to powder satisfactorily, please feel free to contact us about it.

How much is expense?

It is difficult to answer because there is different with the food to be used, processing method, the number of lots, etc.
However, if you can tell us the kind of product you want, we will submit the estimate.

How long is time for delivery?

There is a difference considerably by what kind of product to make, how many of lots come, or whether the order is crowded and etc. Please feel free to contact us about it.

Please let me know the flow until a product is made.

First of all, please call at (076-479-9311 free), or access our homepage for [ inquiry form ].



Can I also inspect your factory?

If a message is got in advance by telephone (076-479-9311), the person in charge will show you the factory.
Please feel free to contact us.