Delicacy is also “BAKURETSU”

Impact is also “BAKURETSU”

2 of garlic for 1 ramen-noodles mealAnd since the fine powder that the taste and smell appear more strongly is added, the surroundings are full of garlic smell just as it is opened from the bag.It is the delicacy which grows into a habit unconsciously.

Fight with raw noodle

Sipping and then carrying it in mouth quickly Chewing and swallowing at one gulp, the reason is raw noodle

By using raw noodles, the taste and smell of garlic are closed in the noodles, and by narrowing, flattening, curling noodles, they were well applied to soup.
If you carry it in your mouth slidingly and chew it, the delicacy of garlic and soup will spread in your inner part of throat and mouth.


With snack, tea, and alcohol

To back up the flavor and the fragrance smell of Japanese glass shrimp more, the fine powder of sea tangle and the easily soluble salt are sprinkled.One more, after one, and the delicacy which wants to eat unintentionally are perfect also for snack, tea, of course for alcohol.

Product Specification

Product Name BUKURETSU Ramen
Raw Material [Noodles] Flour, garlic powder, wheat protein , egg white powder, vegetable oil (soybean is included),Salt, spirits of wine, processing starch, return flow candy, salt water , lactic acid Na, colorant (gardenia pigment),[Soup] Soy sauce, animal fat, broth (pig, hen), meat extract, salt, vegetables (onion, garlic), sugar, isomerization liquid sugar, pork, vegetable oil, marine-products extract, spices, sesame, seasonings (amino acid etc.), caramel color matter (wheat and cow are included in a part of raw material),
Net Weight 316g (noodles 110gx2, soup 48gx2)