Shiroebi Cracker (Japanese glass shrimp Cracker)

Fragrant smell and beautifully brown, with SIROEBIDUKUSI

We use the dried Japanese glass shrimp and the powder of the Japanese glass shrimp doubly.The use rate is about 30% of the whole and very full.It is a very extravagant cracker which may be called SIROEBIDUKUSI


The more it is crunched,
the more delicious it becomes.

We prolonged more thickly the material which added the powder in Japanese glass shrimp fully, and roasted over the exquisite fire thoroughly firmly.In the crunchy texture same as the traditional hard baking cracker, the more it is crunched, the more the delicacy of Japanese glass shrimp spreads.


With snack, tea, and alcohol

To back up the flavor and the fragrance smell of Japanese glass shrimp more, the fine powder of sea tangle and the easily soluble salt are sprinkled.One more, after one, and the delicacy which wants to eat unintentionally are perfect also for snack, tea, of course for alcohol.

Product Specification

Shiroebi Cracker
Product Name Shiroebi (Japanese glass shrimp) cracker
Raw Material Starch, vegetable oil and fat, Japanese glass shrimp, Japanese glass shrimp powder, salt, hydrolyzed protein, sea tangle powder, processing starch (potato powder), seasonings (amino acid etc.), sweetener (sucralose) (wheat and soybean are included in a part of raw material)
Net Weight 50g/1Package