Japanese soup with Shiroebi (Japanese glass shrimp)
The flavor is condensed

Make the flavor of Japanese glass shrimp to be whole with fine powder and by boiling.

Using the fine powder of Japanese glass shrimp which dissolves quickly and by boiling of the Japanese glass shrimp which brews delicate texture, we made freeze-dry without damaging each natural taste. Therefore, if you eat it at a mouthful, flavor and the scent of Japanese glass shrimp will be gently. Of course it could be with a meal, it is recommended also before you finish alcohol drinking.


It can be kept at normal temperature for a long term and is easy to stock.

Since it is the freeze-dry which is dried in a frozen state, in addition, that is possible to keep long-term at normal temperature, the delicacy of freshly can be enjoyed only with pouring out hot water always. Moreover, since it is small and lightweight, easy to stock is also its characteristic.


We use effectively the husks of Japanese glass shrimp in which the flavor is blocked.

The fine powder of Japanese glass shrimp is made by the husks of Japanese glass shrimp. Usually, the husks are discarded, but Sirahofoods use it effectively. In husks, the flavor is equivalent or more to the body, and by adding it to soup, it becomes to be deeper and fulfilled delicacy.

Product Specification

Japanese soup with Shiroebi
Product Name Japanese soup with Shiroebi
(Japanese glass shrimp)
Raw Material Japanese honewort, soy sauce, Japanese glass shrimp, dextrin, starch, salt, marine-products extract, sugar, wheat gluten, shiitake mushroom extract, Japanese glass shrimp powder, seasoning granule, yeast extract, seasonings (amino acid etc.), antioxidant (V. E) (wheat is included in a part of raw material),
Net Weight 5.0g (160ml for 1 meal)